Rockhampton Village Hall
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Whist Drives are held on alternate Monday Evenings at 7.30pm.

Details of other regular meetings as mentioned on the Home Page should be obtained from the Bookings Clerk.

A draw for '100 Club' prizes takes place each month. Details for joining this club are available from Roger Watkins on 01454 260 530.

The prizes for 2018 are:

Monthly   £15, £10, £5 and £5

December Bonus Draw  £75, £50, £25 and £25 

August 2019 Winners:-

Audrey Knapp
£15; Gareth Williams £10; John & Cathy Snowden £5; Margaret Bishop £5

Christmas 2018 draw winners:-

David Clarke £75; Leslie Stonehouse £50; Roger Fisher £25; Jane Sprackman £25

Many thanks to everyone who has joined the 100 Club this year starting 1st April. Your support is very much appreciated. The prize draw money has been kept the same as last year. Approximately half the money goes back to the members as 4 monthly prizes and 4 extra prizes in December. The remainder goes to Village Hall funds to keep it going and in good repair. 

                                              Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date  Time  Event 


Future events will be shown when details are available


Details of tickets for most events will be shown when applicable. 

Regular activities continue in the hall throughout each month - please contact Cathy Watkins for details

The hall is available for your own functions subject to the approval of the Management Committee

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