Rockhampton Parish Council
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   Draft Minutes of Rockhampton Parish Council Meeting - Monday 14 August 2017

   The following were present at the Meeting: Cllr P Bates, T Cullimroe, J Rolfe, S Goode and T Mitchell Skinner
    Mrs E V Lewis (Clerk)

1 Member of Public


Apologies were received from Cllr Riddle, who had been called away to another meeting at short notice.


               None declared.


It was proposed by Cllr J Rolfe and seconded by Cllr T Mitchell Skinner that the minutes of meeting held on 8th May 2017 be APPROVED.

4.      CLERKS REPORT re Matters not covered elsewhere on agenda

             Clerk updated Councillors on the following issues:

·         War memorial website survey – Clerk checked that Rockhampton Memorial was on the list and had completed the survey.

·         Clerk looked at previous minutes regarding any flooding issues that fitted the criteria for the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) that South Gloucestershire Council Drainage and Flood Risk Management team were compiling. There was nothing that fitted the criteria but noted that in

August 2012 Woodend Lane has become almost completely impassable, due in part to the wet weather of recent months and in February 2013 Drainage problem at Gully Lane was reported.

·         Rockhampton Common query – responded to email

·         Clerk continues to work through the Clerk handover list and updating various documents i.e. risk management and risk assessment

·         Clerk is checking ALCA Internal Audit guidance list – updating and producing new documents ready for new regulations in 2018

·         Register of Members Interest forms – Clerk checking that copies of Members Interest forms are on file

·         Update from the Town & Parish Forum – South Gloucestershire Council Boundary update and PSP update

·         Thornbury Town Council Neighbourhood Development plan 


1. Mr England had seen correspondence by email from South Gloucestershire Council Community Engagement regarding the West of England Join Spatial Plan Community Consultation Events. There are two dates that events are being held locally.

An event at Thornbury will be held on Friday 29 September 2017 2 – 8 pm at the Armstrong Hall and the Buckover event will be held on Friday 06 October 2017 2 – 8pm at Falfield Village Hall.

2. A contact list of the parish was discussed; suggestions were made how we could populate the list. Cllr T. Mitchell Skinner raised the issue of the Data Protection Act changes, and for the Parish Council to be aware of the changes also.

3. Following the Annual Assembly meeting held earlier, a discussion was held regarding the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and how the Parish Council could help promote the scheme. Inviting the local Police Constable to the next meeting was suggested.  Clerk to look into this and to add this issue to an item on the next agenda.

4. A question was asked on what the Community Infrastructure Levy money was going to be spent on? Options for a suitable project i.e. the telephone box and the area and environment surrounding the village hall area were discussed.  Mr England was asked to prepare a proposal for discussion at the next Parish Council meeting.


      Items covered are included in the attached sheet.  The following issues were discussed:

Consultations on the South Gloucestershire Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2017 – 2021, Adult Mental Health Strategy 2017 -2022 and Better Care Fund Plan 2017 – 2019. Clerk to complete on line surveys. 

7.      HIGHWAYS

      Pot hole issues discussed.                                                                                                                 

8.      PLANNING

            PT17/2538/F - Vine House, Lower Stone Road, Rockhampton

                Application was discussed; Clerk asked Councillors if they wish to make any comments to send them to her before the 30 August 2017.

Update on applications received in neighbouring parishes:
               Land South of Gloucester Road - Awaiting decision
               Land West of Gloucester Road - Awaiting decision

9.      FINANCE

9.1 Clerk discussed the Annual report 2017 (circulated to Councillors before the meeting). An amendment to the last page was discussed and report approved.

9.2 Clerk had received a telephone call from Grant Thornton (External Auditor) and reported on what questions has been asked from the auditor.  Clerk is awaiting return of audit form and written feedback.

9.3 Clerk has contacted the Pension Regulator and has started the registration and compliance list for the Parish Council.  Clerk noted that although she is not eligible for the Workplace Pension the Parish Council must be registered in the scheme.

9.4 Following the changes in the Internal Audit in 2018, Clerk has contacted Avon Local Council Association (ALCA) and has received further information about joining the Consortium.

9.5 No receipts were received in this period.

9.6 To note the following payments:

Clerk Salary                                                                                                    353.09

Clerk Expenses                                                                                                   2.40

Rockhampton Village Hall (Hire of Hall payment)                                           60.00 


The draft Risk Management and draft Risk Assessment documents were discussed.

Date of an inspection of assets to be arranged. Two aspects of Clerk Health and Safety were discussed, how to arrange Electrical Safety (Portable Appliance Testing) and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training for the Clerk.  The documents to be updated and approved at the next meeting.


      Chair report discussed at the Annual Assembly meeting


            No other business discussed.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.

Meeting was closed at 9.10pm

Next Meeting will be on Monday 20 November 2017




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