Rockhampton Village Hall
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      Welcome to Rockhampton Village Hall. The original building was used as the village church school. In 1940, there were 26 children attending but in the late 1940's it was closed. In 1983 after fundraising, it was purchased for the residents of Rockhampton and was extended to include a kitchen, male and female toilets and the school room was increased in size to form the main hall. At that time it was established as a registered charity (No 279509). In more recent times further work was carried out to include disabled toilets.

      The hall is used regularly by various groups from the surrounding area, including W.I., Parish Council, Church Council, craft groups and a cinema group. It is also used for whist drives, public meetings, the annual flower show, Harvest Supper and for parties, band practices and entertainment evenings. The latter include some acts booked through 'Rural Arts, South Gloucestershire' which is a local touring arts scheme.

      The hall facilities include kitchen, bar and toilets (including disabled). 

      Details, charges and booking terms and conditions for using the hall can be found on the relevant pages via the menu above. 

      The hall is set in a pleasant rural location next to Rockhampton Church with ample parking.

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